Revolutionising maintenance with 3D digital twins

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    AR App • 3D Digital Twin


We were commissioned by Microsoft to produce an augmented reality training solution for Transnet Ports. The solution needed to enable maintenance technicians to train on a specific part without it needing to be present.


The solution involved creating a digital twin of a machine part to aid trainees in visualizing the steps they would need to follow for assembly and disassembly. There were also interactive points of reference which overlaid relevant information on the part. Training sessions could be held at multiple locations, reducing the logistical costs associated with internal training.

The professionalism, commitment and innovation from the Fuzzy Logic team brought in the WOW factor.


Decreased Costs

Multiple training sessions can run at the same time

Increased Knowledge Retention

Interactive experiences are more memorable

Improved Productivity

Trainees can confidently complete maintenance processes in the field


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