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    AR App • 3D Digital Twin • Text-To-Speech


The Sishen Mine is a large Anglo American owned iron mine located in central South Africa. Sishen own Liebherr 996 machinery, which is costly to operate and more than 5 stories tall. They needed a solution to assist with improving training and maintenance processes.


We designed an Augmented Reality training and maintenance solution using a ‘digital twin’. Module 1 featured a scalable and interactive 3D model of the Liebherr 996. This allowed trainees to view internal components and parts of the machine in detail. A step-by-step maintenance guide also helped trainees visualise carrying out common maintenance processes. Module Two provided fault finding guidance for trained artisans out in the field.

Fuzzy Logic quickly grasp our concepts and contribute their own innovative suggestions to enhance the experience.


Minimised Downtime

Reduced maintenance periods, increasing usage

Improved Process

Artisan training reduced by 3 days per module

Decreased Costs

Physical machines kept on site

Improved Efficiency

Training materials updated digitally


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