Digitalising fire safety training to reduce costs and improve safety

Anglo American Fire Safety
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    Health and Safety
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    VR App • Guided Training • Digital Assessments • Analytics


Fire safety training can be both costly and hazardous. Anglo American needed a more cost efficient and effective solution for equipping staff with the skills to assess and handle fire extinguishers on site.


We created a virtual training environment to both educate and assess learners prior to their final practical. Trainees are presented with a series of fire hazards at random and have to select the right equipment to successfully extinguish the fire. Gestures are used to trigger specific actions within each each scene. Performance records are pulled directly from the VR platform into the company’s internal systems to ensure regulatory compliance.


Reduced Training Times

VR training takes less time to complete

Knowledge Retention

Tactile experiences are more memorable

Lower Costs

Learning without hardware reduces costs by 50%

Zero Risk

Dangerous scenarios are simulated


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