Augmented Reality for Sales

Enhance your sales process to close deals in a shorter time-span


Physical product demonstrations can be restricted by factors such as resources and logistics 

AR can accelerate the sales process by enabling prospective customers to instantly see how products may look in a real-world setting.


increase in click-through rates to purchase


of users said they purchased items they didn’t plan to buy because of AR


of shoppers would pay more if they could experience a product in AR

Use AR as a sales tool and...

Visualise a product in context

Customise products in real-time

Translate your sales message 

into multiple languages

Highlight key features of your product

This results in your business:

Reducing customer anxiety

Shortening the sales cycle

Increasing click-through-rates to purchase

Achieving a more personalised customer experience

Case Study - Field and Forest

Increasing retail sales using augmented reality



Field + Forest develops high-quality dog food sold in retail stores. They wanted to utilise AR to transform the way the product was sold into the market.​


An AR app which the sales team could use to digitally showcase the Field + Forest products in-store and on the shelf without physically having the stand and products in situ. 


Our solution allowed the team to effectively communicate value and quality through quick demonstrations while analytics in the background tracked usage, engagement, and interest of retailers.


Decreased Costs

Cutting logistical, physical printing and travel costs

Improved Efficiency

Deploying new, to-scale virtual product to all existing retailers in minutes to view in their real-time environment

Improved Processes

Quickly changing the look of an environment, and renewing the product selection on display, at little expense

Educated Partners

​Enabling retail partners to make informed decisions


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