Enabling real-time product visualisation to drive sales

  • Industry
  • Sector
    Medical Equipment
  • Deliverables
    AR App • 3D Digital Twins • Video Integration • Analytics


Roche needed to show innovation through a viable technology application at a large-scale sales conference. Due to the sheer size of the equipment the company offers, it was not commercially viable to move the physical machinery to the venue for the show.


Using photographic references only, we created 3D digital twins of the diagnostic machinery to be displayed in AR. Interactive touchpoints were tagged onto each digital twin and these activated additional content to enhance the sales experience for the end user. Analytics tracked interaction and measured factors, such as touchpoints, screen time, and product preference.


Reduced Costs

Multiple machines could be demonstrated on the same platform

Increased Engagement

Interactive content resulted in longer dwell times

Greater Customer Insight

Data points captured user behaviour and insights for key sales and strategic inferences


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