Simulating on-site vehicle inspections to reduce downtime and improve compliance

Anglo American
  • Industry
    Health and Safety
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  • Deliverables
    VR App • Guided Training • Digital Assessments • Analytics


Anglo American uses a series of lightweight vehicles across its sites. These vehicles need to be regularly maintained by staff to ensure compliance with safety protocols. The company wanted to explore the use of Virtual Reality for training staff how to inspect and maintain these vehicles.


The immersive solution enables trainees to go through a typical inspection process in VR. Once the inspection has been completed, the simulation adds a series of ‘faults’ to the vehicle at random. For example, an overheating water pump or an under inflated tyre. Each trainee then needs to find a specific number of ‘faults’, reporting them on the checklist prior to submission. The results of each assessment are automatically sent through to the company's Learning Management System.


Dynamic Testing

Faults randomised on the vehicle

Knowledge Retention

Tactile experiences are more memorable

No Downtime

Physical vehicles no longer required in training

Improved Compliance

Accurate digital training records


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