Augmented Reality for

Training & Maintenance

Improve the productivity of your team by providing valuable digital information in real-time


Delivering effective training and maintenance programmes can cost your business time and money.  

AR can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these areas by digitally simulating working environments and bringing accurate information into the real-world. 


reduction in training times


increase in productivity


reduction in human error

Apply AR to training and maintenance processes to:

Create tactile learning experiences 

Simulate potentially dangerous situations in a safe environment

Display real-time checklists in a technician’s field of view

Deliver remote-assistance and transfer knowledge

This results in your business:

Reducing training and onboarding times

Improving productivity

Reducing quality defects and rework

Increasing knowledge retention

Case Study - Microsoft & Transnet

Revolutionising training with augmented reality



We were commissioned by Microsoft to produce an augmented reality training solution for Transnet Ports. The solution needed to enable maintenance technicians to train on a specific part without it needing to be present.


The solution involved creating a digital twin of a machine part to aid trainees in visualizing the steps they would need to follow for assembly and disassembly. There were also interactive points of reference which overlaid relevant information on the part. Training sessions could be held at multiple locations, reducing the logistical costs associated with internal training.


Decreased Costs

Multiple training sessions can run at the same time

Increased Knowledge Retention

Interactive experiences are more memorable

Improved Productivity

Trainees can confidently complete maintenance processes in the field


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