Augmented Reality for

Internal Communications

Communicate effectively with your staff and make your messaging memorable


Traditional methods of internal communication, such as e-shots, can be time-consuming to implement, with limited ways of tracking outcomes.

Communication campaigns using AR are proven to drive staff engagement and boost knowledge retention, as information is delivered in an interesting way. 


improved recall versus

traditional learning 


of skills are acquired through

experiential learning

Communicate using AR and...

Deliver your messages using 3D avatars

Integrate gamification to create a memorable experience 

Update messaging regularly through a content management system

Track content interactions

This results in your business:

Having a more engaged workforce

Improving the efficiency of onboarding

Ensuring compliance with standard operating procedures

Delivering more effective change management programmes

Case Study - Anglo American

Delivering engaging and educational communications through augmented reality solutions 



Anglo American Platinum is the world’s largest primary producer of platinum. We were approached to develop a solution that would improve internal communications, training, and compliance.


AR was used to bring their training materials to life with a range of content embedded in everyday objects. Anglo’s internal communications character, Manny, was activated through an app, climbing out of mugs and jumping out of calendars to impart information.


Educational animations and videos were also embedded in posters, leaflets, and a number of other objects typically found in the office environment.


Gamification was applied to improve retention, engagement, and overall retention of knowledge. This was tracked and monitored by a bespoke analytics tool to improve future updates.


Reduced Costs

Cut logistical and out of office costs

Increased Engagement

Gamification encouraged staff to take note

Improved Knowledge Retention

Engaging content more memorable

Enhanced Monitoring

Improvements driven by data 


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