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Transnet & Microsoft

Proof that augmented reality solutions can revolutionize training


Microsoft engaged Fuzzy Logic to produce an augmented reality training solution for Transnet Ports as a proof of concept for the usage of AR in industry. Microsoft asked Fuzzy Logic to provide a solution that would formalize Transnet Ports maintenance training for a specific part of a machine and allow them to train on that part without the physical part being present. 


Fuzzy Logic provided a solution that included a digital twin of a machine part to aid the trainees in visualizing the steps they would need to follow to assemble and disassemble that part. There were also points of reference where further relevant information on the part was provided.


Such a solution can revolutionize training by allowing multiple people in multiple locations to have ‘access’ to very large, very expensive machines without those machines actually being physically present.


Trainees are able to practice carrying out maintenance and experiment with different techniques on the digital twins without any risk, which would not be possible on the actual machine.


Managers would be confident that at the end of the training, the trainees could be released into the field with a very detailed, hands-on knowledge of the machines they were required to maintain. 



Successful proof of concept

Transnet Ports and Microsoft agreed that this training app will result in better trained, equipped and skilled trainees being released into the field to carry out maintenance.


Agreement for further solutions

Microsoft is now working with Transnet to identify use cases where AR solutions and digital twins can be used throughout the company to revolutionise their business through improved training, fault finding and general processes.

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