Massmart Holdings Partners With Fuzzy Logic Studio

The second-largest distributor of retail goods in Africa has partnered with Fuzzy Logic Studio to create an immersive online experience.

To mark the re-opening of the Game store in the Mall of Africa, Massmart Holdings joined forces with Fuzzy Logic to showcase the future of retail. The experience, which utilises web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR), enables customers to visualise products to scale in their own homes.

Products featured on the platform include a Samsung television, washing machine, and fridge, as well as an Acer laptop. After visualising each product, customers can continue the purchasing process via Game’s existing online store. In its first week of launch, the experience amassed almost 30,000 views.

Jason Ried, Founder of Fuzzy Logic Studio, said: “The face of retail is changing as customers move to online channels. Augmented Reality is a way in which brands can still mimic elements of the in-store experience by creating life-size digital replicas of physical products. "Giving customers the ability to visualise these products in their home environment helps to reduce customer anxiety during the purchasing decision, driving online sales, and reducing returns.”

WebAR experiences do not require a user to download an app to their mobile device as they can be accessed through the browser.