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Hewlett Packard

Driving engagement and showcasing new printing technology with augmented reality


Hewlett Packard's Indigo Division develops, manufactures and markets digital printing solutions.


HP Indigo enlisted our help to provide a solution that would not only highlight their new printing capabilities but also generally drive engagement with their products and brand. The solution was to be used at expos and as a general marketing tool.


HP Indigo printed three variations of a mock cereal box product (Tanuki Pops) each using a different technology:


  • Invisible ink print, only discoverable with a UV torch

  • Tiny codes hidden within images

  • Randomly printed images within a set image (dynamic variation)


Fuzzy Logic created unique and entertaining gamified augmented reality experiences which unlocked and guided users through the three different challenges.


  • Find hidden elements

  • Discover and unlock the codes

  • Play a game to find gems across the randomly printed elements

Prizes were offered for those successfully completing the challenges.

Tanuki Pops used the AR experiences to introduce these unique HP services and engage clients in multiple areas of their marketing at a number of expos across the country.



Decreased costs

Exhibition (electrical, staff etc.), logistics and training costs reduced for a total of three years.


Improved engagement

Increased number of expo goers stopped at the HP stand, engaging with the products and HP staff thereby generally increasing exposure of the three new printing solutions.


Educated partners

User engagement and product solution awareness increased across key clients.


I reached Fuzzy Logic based on previous work I had encountered and was impressed. I came up with a very vague idea of ​​combining innovation in packaging in digital print, gaming, and augmented reality. From the first conversation I felt the openness, attentiveness and the feeling that everything is possible!

Work on the project was pleasant and professional. Fuzzy Logic managed the project professionally, creatively and with great attention to our needs.


The result was an amazing project that integrated application development, gaming, and AR techniques, while adhering to tight schedules and with professional service. The project received great exposure, interest and feedback, and created new opportunities for us. I highly recommend working with Fuzzy Logic”

Ephrat Harel, World Wide Market Development Manager, HP Indigo 

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