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World-class maintenance training and support delivered through a unified augmented reality solution


The Sishen Mine is a large Anglo-American owned iron mine located in central South Africa in Kathu, Northern Cape. Fuzzy Logic was asked to reinvent Sishen Mine’s maintenance training programme for the R200m, 5 stories high Liebherr 996R digger.


The goal was to provide more effective, informative and engaging training in the classroom, equipping trainees with all the information they could need to maintain the actual machine after training. Another requirement was to aid trained artisans maintaining the Liebherr out in the field.


Fuzzy Logic designed a combination of solutions delivered in a singular package.


Module one is a scalable and interactive 3d model (a digital twin) of the Liebherr 996 digger and allows trainees to view internal components and parts of the machine, including the entire engine, and relevant information regarding those parts.


This would be extremely hard to achieve in a classroom environment without a digital twin due to the size and cost of the machine.


A step-by-step maintenance guide is provided to help trainees visualize carrying out maintenance on components of the digger.


Module two provides fault finding guidance for trained artisans out in the field, helping them identify solutions to issues on the machine while physically working on it. The final solution allows artisans to report back on new issues, which are then reincorporated into the solution.



Saved time and reduced costs

Higher skilled, more confident and better-equipped artisans backed by the fault-finding solution resulted in fewer mistakes being made, less re-training required and more efficient maintenance of the machines.


Engaged and educated employees

Artisans were better equipped and more confident after training. Artisans hit the ground running out in the field and got up to speed quickly when working on the actual machines.


Enhanced, highly effective training

The solution enabled multiple people in multiple locations to train on a machine that is physically impossible to be present in a classroom environment.

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