Case Study - Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Driving engagement using augmented reality



The Dr Pepper Snapple Group wanted to drive sales of its new limited edition cans in the US market by creating a memorable brand experience tied to product packaging.


Working in partnership with a visual effects company, we created an AR experience that spanned 6 brands, including 7UP and Squirt.


The experience was activated by downloading the app and pointing the phone’s camera at a can. Mini Monster characters then burst from each can and performed. When two cans were placed side-by-side, these characters interacted with one another.


Users could also record the experience directly from the app and share the video via social media. This campaign ran for three successive years.


Increased Revenue

Customers purchased multiple cans

Engaged Customers

Interactive brand experience

Online Community

Increased share of voice on social media


Solution used over the course of 3 years


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